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PrimpPowderPout was founded by Ashley Kay Gifford, an Ely, Cambridgeshire based make up and hair artist, allowing her to bring her experience from the Fashion and Photographic industry to the Wedding and Bridal, Special Occasion and Corporate make-up genres.

Monday, January 11, 2016 Top ten Bridal Make-up tips for 2016 Posted In: bridal, tips

The top ten do's and don'ts of bridal makeup, revised for 2016!!
Primppowderpout - Cambridge make-up and hair artist

As a bride-to-be you have a lot on your plate when planning a wedding and it is most definitely a minefield when it comes to choosing the vendors who are right for you - including hair and makeup artists.

It's important to remember that you will be looking at photos from your wedding day for the rest of your life- so finding the right look and even more importantly -the right artist for you is vital.

Gathering from my years of experience with weddings and brides, I have created a Top 10 Do's & Don'ts list, to help you along the way!

1. DO choose a makeup artist based on their fantastic portfolio, website, of course testimonials and recommendations. Make sure their work represents what you want to achieve. Don't choose an artist based purely on their prices. Sometimes you get what you pay for and it can end in tears, a need for a second trial with another artist and inevitably cost you more money in the long run.  

2. Don't lose your chance with your dream artist! Makeup artists can get booked up over a year in advance. Act fast so that your favourite artist isn't already taken!

3. Do book a trial at least 1-6 months before your wedding. You won't regret it. This will ease your mind, you will know the final look and have built a good relationship between yourself and your artist. It is also important to trial during the day, rather than evenings, to ensure there is natural lighting. Artists are very busy and often only have free slots for trials on weekdays. A great time to trial is the day you have your dress fitting or meeting with other wedding vendors to optimise your time!

6. Don't feel that you have to wear a ton of makeup just because it is your wedding day! Less is more, however, remember that you will be wearing white and it can drain you of colour, so it is good idea to allow your artist to put a bit of colour on your cheeks and lips. 

5. Do bring makeup ideas to the trial and let your artist talk them through with you. Both of you will be able to discuss which look will best suit you, your face shape, colouring and wedding scheme. It's good to have at least an idea of what you want beforehand.

4. Don't choose a look that is the complete opposite of what you normally wear! Your wedding day look is about being the best version of yourself. If you like to look natural, a good artist will be able enhance your natural beauty. If you like a bit more glam and a bit more makeup, your artist will be able to create a look that suites you and make you feel and look amazing on your big day.

7. Do let your artist know if you have any skin sensitivities. If you suffer from perfumes, makeup brushes made from animal hair or certain brands. Letting your artist know in advance, allows them time to discuss the options and what is needed on the trial as well as wedding day. 

8. Don't forget to look after your skin. Make sure you are taking off your makeup at night, using a nighttime moisturiser to suit your skin type and using a daytime SPF. Something simple like coconut oil to cleanse the skin at night with a warm, wet flannel is a simple way to keep your face clean and fresh. 

9. Do make sure you are eating well and drinking lots of water. Many brides feel the need to diet before their wedding day, but take into consideration that any lack of nutrients will effect the skin, so eat your vegetables, drink your water and make sure you exercise so that your skin stays happy and clear! 

10. Don't , whatever you do, get a facial for the first time right before the wedding. You WILL break out and you WILL REGRET it. If you want facials, I suggest you start them several months before the wedding so your skin can get used to this new routine. If not, there will be trouble!


DO enjoy your wedding day. Remember that it flies by and the little hangups you may have before and on the day will turn out to be nothing and therefore there is no sense in worrying. Make the most of your amazing day from the start of the day in the bridal prep room, to the very end of the evening!

Photographer credit - Rob Dodsworth -


DO  Watch my lovely tutorial on how to get a summery, glowing bridal look without looking overdone!


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