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PrimpPowderPout was founded by Ashley Kay Gifford, an Ely, Cambridgeshire based make up and hair artist, allowing her to bring her experience from the Fashion and Photographic industry to the Wedding and Bridal, Special Occasion and Corporate make-up genres.

Thursday, January 14, 2016 Top ten Bridal Hair tips for 2016 Posted In: bridal, tips

My Top 10 Tips for Your 2016 Wedding Hair!
Primppowderpout - Cambridge make-up and hair artist

As you plan your wedding day and you have found your dress, know the style you are going for in regards to hair and makeup, there are then things you should take into consideration so you ensure you look your best. 

Hair is temperamental and it is so easy to have a bad hair day! Your wedding day is not the day to encounter hair problems! By following these 10 Do's & Don'ts, you are more likely to have a happy outcome and less stress when it comes to your tresses. 

TOP 10 Do’s and Don’t for Wedding Hair!


1. Do make sure you get regular trims. Even if it is just the tips taken off. If you want your hair to grow longer and be silky and lovely, then regular trips to the hairdresser will help. If you don’t trim your hair, the ends split, fall off and your hair will not only stop getting longer but also look dry and unhappy.



2. DON’T get a drastic cut just before your wedding day.This could end in tears and just before your wedding day is not the time to make drastic hair changes.



3. Do seek the help of a wedding hair dressing specialist. This will ensure you have someone who will look after your hair on the wedding day and you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Your wedding day is NOT the time to be having a bad hair day! You can feel assured, knowing that your hair will look awesome and stay in place all day, while you experience the magical whirlwind of your wedding day!

4. Don’t forget to book your hairdresser as soon as you can and book in that trial! The hairdresser isn’t a mind reader, so a trial is vital in ensuring you get the look you want. Creating a Pinterest Bridal Hair & Makeupboard is always a great idea because you can share it with your hairdresser beforehand, so they can discuss the options that best suit you.

5. Do ask your hairdresser if she prefers your hair washed or unwashed. Everyone’s hair is different and responds better to being slightly dirty or freshly washed.



6. Don’t feel that just because you’re getting married, you must have a style you would normally never wear. Being a bride is just being yourself on an awesome day! Go with what makes you feel amazing!



7. Do ask your hairdresser if you need to have layers put in, fringe grown out, layers grown out or any haircuts in between the trial and wedding day. Don't cut your hair without discussing it with your hairdresser or it could mean you'll require a second trial if the hair is drastically changed.



8. Don’t  neglect your hair in the midst of the chaos of planning a wedding. Lay off the straightners, use heat protectant sprays, be gentle on your hair! Ensure you have a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and use regular hair treatments.


9. Do invest in good hair care products. Your hairdresser can advise you. There are products that can really help and perfect the texture of your hair so its ready for the big day.


10. Don’t , whatever you do, get your hair dyed the week of the wedding. Chemical treatments are not foolproof. Not only could the colour go wrong- but hair dye sticks to the hairline and can be seen easily! There is also the risk of chemical burn or reactions, even if you have never had issues before, the week of your wedding is not the time to risk it.

A little added BONUS! If you are in need of some inspiration, here is a lovely bridal hair tutorial I have done below...for a bride - like yourself- who has had several trials and not had the outcome she had hoped for! Luckily, 3rd times a charm and going through the looks she had with other artists, we have managed to get it first time!


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