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PrimpPowderPout, Cambridgeshire make-up and hair artist
PrimpPowderPout was founded by Ashley Kay Gifford, an Ely, Cambridgeshire based make up and hair artist, allowing her to bring her experience from the Fashion and Photographic industry to the Wedding and Bridal, Special Occasion and Corporate make-up genres.

Thursday, March 3, 2016 Corporate and Office Makeup Tips! Posted In: tips, Makeup, Makeup Tutorials, Makeup tips, Beauty, grooming

Corporate Appearance and Why it's Important!
Primppowderpout - Cambridge make-up and hair artist

Recently I have been discussing personal appearance and how it relates to business and brands.

As a makeup artist, I often have people apologising to me for their appearance, usually at school drop off, where everyone is in a rush and no one is paying any attention to other parents, but also on special occasions as well, where people are making an effort. I am always taken aback because I'm genuinely not judging anyone on how they look and usually admiring them!

However, though I may not judge people on how they look from day to day, just living their lives, I do notice -without fail- when a professional is talking to me, trying to sell me their business or offering me their product yet they don't represent what it is they are offering.

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As much as I hate to say that 'Appearance is everything', in certain situations it is. As a corporate makeup artist in Cambridge, I know the importance of 'looking the business'! When you are in a corporate, professional environment, your appearance makes a difference to the brand you are representing.

I recently wrote a blog on the importance of image for client facing and corporate filming and photography. Taking into account that every company is different and brands vary, it doesn't take away from the fact that being well groomed and taken care of is important across the board!

Check out my blog here: Primp Powder Pout Blog

Corporate image can vary, depending on the companies you represent! Some are more edgy, relaxed but polished, some more put together and tailored. Some places more is less and some places, less is more!

Finding the look that is right for your company is part of my job. This is why I am often called in for Corporate Filming especially within the Cambridge Universities and many brands within London. Its my job to help you appeal to the audience you are trying to target.

Here is a great little video I did for those who don't wear a lot of makeup but want to look fresh and lovely!

Coming soon- corporate makeup tutorial!



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